betsire affiliate program

The betsire affiliate program enables you to showcase our products on your website(s). Once you join as a betsire affiliate, you'll receive a unique affiliate ID. We keep tabs on users who sign up on betsire and make purchases through your site. The links and banners you choose from our Gallery will contain your specific ID in the URL code, ensuring we can monitor all customers clicking on them. You'll earn a 10 percent commission for their purchases throughout their lifetime.

How to register for betsire affiliate program

To become a betsire affiliate you need to go to the affiliate website at Here you will find information about the program and you can click on “join now” and apply to be an affiliate

Please follow these steps affiliate program:

  1. Click on the “join now” link at the page
  2. Complete all of the fields on the registration form
  3. If you are an individual then choose “sole” affiliate or if you are a business then choose “corporate” affiliate
  4. Enter your full name and the website(s) that you will use to promote betsire
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions of the affiliate program

When you have lodged your application to become a betsire affiliate you will need to wait for a few days while your application is reviewed. If you are approved as a betsire affiliate you will receive an email from the company for approval. You will also be notified if your application to be a betsire affiliate has been refused.

  1. There is a minimum withdrawal amount which can vary from country to country – expect this to be in the region of INR 2,500. We can increase the minimum threshold at your request.
  2. You are not allowed to register domain names that are close to the betsire brand.
  3. You cannot promote betsire on a site used by children or any pornographic website.
  4. You need to have a minimum of 5 active customers to withdraw any affiliate commissions.
  5. If you violate the affiliate rules or try to commit fraud then betsire will close your affiliate account.

What is the commission you will earn with betsire

betsire commissions affiliate program commissions are fixed at 10% net profit. Any customers that you attract to betsire need to have losing bets for you to earn commissions. With betsire you can promote the betting exchange, the online casino and the poker.

At the end of the day, the more customers that you have that make losing bets, the more commission you will make. you and the betsire company both benefit from these losing bets. If your customers have a lot of winning bets then it is possible for your affiliate account to be in the red. You then have to wait for losing bets to occur to make commissions.

You must comply with the minimum withdrawal amount which is usually around INR 2,500 and you must have a minimum of 5 active customers to make a withdrawal. An active customer is defined as someone that has made at least one deposit and has placed bets on sports, the casino or poker. Commissions are all paid monthly.


What commissions can you earn with betsire?

The commission with betsire is fixed at 10% net profit.

What kind of websites I can’t use to promote betsire?

You can’t use any website(s) used by children or any pornographic websites.

What websites am I allowed to use to promote betsire?

You can use website(s) related to sports, gambling or sports news etc.

How long does it take to approve my affiliate application?

It may take 1-2 weeks to get approved. Has it taken longer than two weeks? please contact us on If you are accepted as an affiliate, You can start referring the customers by listing our banners and text links on your site.

When will I be Paid?

Affiliates will be paid in 30 days of the end of the calendar months

May I use your logo or content on any of my website(s)?

Once you become a betsire affiliate, you will have access to our logos and marketing content. You must not alter or create your own banners or logos without permission of betsire.

Does betsire accept all the website(s)?

We review each application and review the nature of your website and evaluate whether or not we consider its nature or content suitable to represent betsire.

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide full support to our affiliates via email. For affiliate program support you can email to